Melisse ShabanIt’s been more than a year since you joined us on this incredible journey to create what is really the first true biotech beauty brand. Along the way, we’ve shared with you some products as they were being developed, and the story of the amazing technology at the heart of the brand. That technology, Alpha Keratin 60ku™, is really what started it all for us – it was always our Reason to Believe that we could create products that mean what they say, and that make a difference in women’s everyday lives. Reason to Believe, or RTB, became our project name, to keep us focused on that mission without revealing our brand before receiving our trademark.

Today I am pleased to announce that RTB is now VIRTUE™. And you, our treasured Insiders, are the first to know. 

We believe that VIRTUE™ represents who we are and what we stand for as a company. We truly want to deliver transformative products, using breakthrough regenerative science that unlocks the healing properties of true keratin, to improve people’s lives. We feel a responsibility to do right by our community, by our technology, and by our products. THIS IS VIRTUE™.

And now, with the announcement of our brand name, I’m thrilled to say that we are closer than ever to launch!  Over the coming days we will be sharing more about VIRTUE™ products and the brand. And very soon we will give you the opportunity to visit a website, learn even more, and select products – yes, finally including shampoos and conditioners – straight from the labs, and absolutely free!

I can’t thank you enough for the feedback and support you have offered us along the way. Continue to watch for more exciting things to come.

Melisse Shaban

Melisse Shaban
Founder & CEO